Watch Instant

Your MUST have app for your Apple Watch!

You can simply raise your wrist and then look up all information that you want. Instant is just like a small card, different kind of instant allow you to create different information that you need.

Simple note taking, creating a task list or shopping list, sending an image from your photo library or camera, sending your QR Code to Watch, downloading live image from URL (can be used for IP Cam), creating RSS feed to read latest news, counting your anniversary, creating a map when traveling, etc.

You can manage all instants from your iPhone and sync with your Apple Watch easily. You can also create some of the instants on your Watch and sync back to your iPhone.

More features:
– Today Widget on iPhone
– Complications on Apple Watch
– 3D touch at home screen to create new instant in single tap

Discover more features now … Fully utilise your Apple Watch.

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