Notice: Apple finally disapproved this App because the App is simulating multi-tasking widget which is not allowed by Apple.

True Multitasking Browser for you to open many websites or web apps simultaneously. Not only side-by-side, you can even resize, move or pin the window to the top, which is working just like a computer. With the task bar at the bottom, you can switch among different windows quickly.

Build-in File Manager allows you to manage all your downloaded files in the app. You can download and save a video, music or even a pdf file and open them later. Natively supports Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

More features:
– Auto Refresh website (e.g. refresh a website in every minute)
– Dragging the window to the screen edge to resize the window in pre-defined size
– Layout feature allow you to save your frequent use website / web apps, so next time you can recall them in one tap
– Set Pin Code to lock / unlock this app
– Support Touch ID
– Build-in Simple Calculator and Currency Converter
– Build-in Web Server to transfer files from other devices / computers via Web Browser
– Quick Tools including Translator (Powered by Yandex.Translate)

*** Limitation on FREE version ***
Before purchasing PRO version in-app, you can try all the features with the following limitation:

– Open up to 3 windows at the same time
– Save up to 3 layouts
– Save up to 3 webapps
– Cannot copy or move files in file manager
– Only able to use build-in wallpapers
– No limit on using any Quick Tools

View on App Store *** (No longer exist) ***